You have stumbled into the blog of a Snowflake, Tableau and Big Data Enthusiast.  This blog will cover tips, tricks, learnings and other material from my day to day experiences working with some of the largest customers, partners and data enthusiasts around the globe.  These are my own experiences, opinions and thoughts, and in no way reflect the interests or direction of Tableau or Snowflake.  In other words, this one is on me!

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Snowflake & Count: A New SQL Notebook Experience for the Analyst

This almost needs to go unstated, but I write several SQL statements every day in Snowflake. The native Snowflake worksheet experience feels like a reskinning of HUE and does the task just fine. The Snowsight skinning of Numeracy is a superior analytical experience, especially for dashboarding and sharing SQL with my team working in my

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Snowflake: Hybrid Relational JSON Tables

Have you ever had a new field or field rename break your ETL pipelines to the Data Warehouse and ultimately your consumers of data? If you have done any data project, ever, the answer is undoubtedly “yes”. To solve this ages old problem with data the confluence of some tenants of Hadoop’s Schema-On-Read and Snowflake’s

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Tableau & Snowflake: COVID-19 by County Quadrants & Maps fixing Utah Counties

Last week I published a blog article showcasing how to create a COVID-19 quadrant scatter plot by county and turn the quadrants into a map by county https://bigdatadave.com/2020/11/22/tableau-snowflake-covid-19-by-county-quadrants-maps/. As you can see I had a problem with the big hole in Utah. “Utah is reporting county data somewhat differently than many other states. The larger-population

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Tableau & Snowflake: COVID-19 by County Quadrants & Maps

With the COVID-19 crisis worsening in America right now, I was curious which areas of the country are being affected more than others? I have been producing loads of SQL over the JHU data set provided by Starschema to the Snowflake Data Marketplace. I thought if I could enhance the JHU data at the county

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Snowflake: VS Code, SQL Tools and GitHub

VS Code is the preferred IDE for many folks developing code for data and analytics. Now there is an extension allowing you to develop and execute SQL for Snowflake in VS Code. Huge thank you to Peter Kosztolanyi (in) for creating a Snowflake Driver for the popular SQL Tools IDE extension for VS Code as

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